Do you have a marketing data problem?


Do you have customer and/or prospect marketing data organized across multiple systems?


Does your marketing reporting lack important business metrics that show results beyond vanity metrics like traffic, likes and clicks? (like revenue from customers you marketed to)


Do you design your local marketing programs without sufficient knowledge of how each tactic is performing against key performance indicators?

Why Data Matters

Good decisions depend on data. Without it, you’re simply guessing. That’s true in every area of a business, including marketing. The more data you have about each piece of your marketing program, the easier it is to continuously improve your marketing – and uncover revenue you might be missing. Data is also the key to personalizing your marketing to each customer to get them the information they want when they’re most likely to buy.

m2M Guarantees to Deliver Data

m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System organizes  all of your marketing data from disparate operational silos into a single system that not only triggers truly personalized marketing but also provides a 360° view of your marketing results. If you aren’t fully utilizing your marketing data, we guarantee our Franchise Marketing System will get  you there.

What Our Clients Say

"m2M's ability to report on our specific business objectives is really unique."

Tom Wood, President
Floor Coverings International

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above...

...then you have a marketing data problem. Let’s talk about how m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System is guaranteed to solve it.