Franchise Marketing That Goes
Beyond the Click


Founded in 2011, m2M is dedicated to solving the unique problems of local marketing inherent to franchise systems. Implementing effective, measurable local marketing programs in an automated way that insures brand consistency and compliance is a challenge; but one we embrace. With detailed knowledge of the needs of the franchisor and the needs of the franchisee, m2M is built to serve both, meeting the needs of the brand and each local store.

Digital advertising (PPC) and automated drip marketing are the latest trends in local marketing and represent a meaningful percentage of typical local marketing spend. Yet, these programs are often costly with no real measurement of ROI that justifies the investment.  We enable our clients to GO BEYOND THE CLICK! .

Vanity metrics and assumed success are no longer acceptable. The proprietary m2M Strategies integrated marketing solution built for franchising is the answer to franchisor and franchisee marketing success.

Let’s look at how we Go beyond the click, past meaningless vanity metrics to real measurable results.

Digital Advertising Optimization Program

Acquire New Customers


Acquire Clicks

300 Clicks

Localized Channel Optimization

Detailed results tracking and data analytics identify the best digital channels and budget for each franchise location.

So, you run digital ads - big whoop.


Convert Clicks to Leads

300 Clicks to
68 Leads

Optimized Lead Capture

Customized landing pages, call tracking, and specialized web applications maximize the number of clicks that convert to leads.

Okay, you have landing pages and call tracking - who doesn’t?


Follow Up with Every Lead

68 Leads get
Automated Follow Up

Automated Lead Nurture

Automated follow-up programs nurture every lead with personalized, multi-touch campaigns via email, mail, and/or SMS.

Wow! You can automate follow-up marketing to every lead?

Automated Grow Marketing Campgaigns

Grow Existing Customers


Nurture Leads to Become Customers

68 Leads to
21 Customers and $225 in revenue

Full Data Integration

Integration with your POS or CRM allows us to monitor each customer’s buying behavior to identify the best opportunities for maximizing the lifetime value of each customer.

So, you have customer analytics - that's nice.


Send Personalized Communication

21 Customers receive
personalized emails, print pieces, and SMS

Customer Growth & Retention

Maximize the lifetime value of each customer by monitoring individual buying behavior and automatically executing the most effective marketing based on that behavior.

Wait, you can automate marketing based on those analytics?


Nurture Customers to Spend More

21 Customers spend
$1,800 over 2 years

Real Business Metrics

Unique reporting goes beyond vanity metrics like open rates, page visits, and click thru rates to real business metrics like ROI, retention rates, and lifetime value of a customer.

And, you also provide real financial metrics to help franchisees market smarter?

Franchisee Solutions

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