Do you have a marketing compliance problem?


Do your franchisees fail to meet their required local marketing spend?


Do you lack reporting on how your franchisees spend their local marketing dollars?


Do your franchisees say they are less than full satisfied with the marketing materials and campaigns you provide to them?

Why Compliance Matters

Most franchisees hate the word “compliance.” They believe it’s simply franchisor-speak for “do it my way or else!”. That’s especially true when it comes to local marketing. But local marketing compliance is critical to growing a franchise brand. Without effective corporate sponsored local marketing programs, local marketing all but disappears and, when it does appear, serves to undermine the national brand.

m2M Guarantees Improved Compliance

m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System follows a proven process to quickly gain franchisee buy-in and compliance on local marketing programs. Whether you need transparency on franchisee local marketing spend or to rein in rogue marketing campaigns and materials, m2M guarantees our Franchise Marketing System will get it done.

What Our Clients Say

"Marketing companies have promised a lot to me over the years. m2M is one of the few that actually delivered on their promises."

Ray Margiano, Founder & CEO
Foot Solutions

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above...

...then you have a marketing compliance problem. Let’s talk about how m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System is guaranteed to solve it.