Do you have a marketing adoption problem?


Do less than 70% of your franchisees fully participate in your corporate approved local marketing programs?


Do you lack detailed reporting on which marketing programs each franchisee uses and the extent to which they use them?


Do you get more franchisee complaints than compliments about your marketing programs?

Why Adoption Matters

Limited adoption means less local marketing. Less local marketing means fewer customers. Fewer customers means lower revenues. And lower revenues mean unhappy franchisees. But that’s not all. Limited adoption also restricts the data that franchisors have to measure marketing effectiveness, which forces them to manage their marketing in the dark and undermines their ability to drive continuous improvement.

m2M Guarantees Increased Adoption

m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System follows a proven process that quickly increases franchisee adoption of local marketing programs. Our clients see rapid franchisee adoption and an immediate increase in satisfaction with their  local marketing activities. If you have a problem with adoption, we guarantee our Franchise Marketing System will fix it.

What Our Clients Say

"...our franchisees have really bought in. m2M's program is truly different."

Clarissa Bradstock, CEO
Any Lab Test Now

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above...

...then you have a marketing adoption problem. Let’s talk about how m2M’s proprietary Franchise Marketing System is guaranteed to solve it.