A Crazy Social Media Spiral

Social Media, Strategy

How awesome are those water slides where you shoot out of the slide into a giant spiraling funnel? If you don’t know what I’m talking about grab your swim trunks and google the nearest water park. To give you an idea, you pick up a ridiculous amount of speed in the slide, literally fly out of a dark tunnel into the giant funnel, water splashing in your face, kids yelling as they’re watching you go much faster than you ever should, and you finally end up slowly falling into the pool below (slightly disoriented).


Picture what I’ve just described as I start rambling on about social media. A lot of people argue that a company’s social media channels need to link into a full circle eventually leading to a possible purchase. Although I agree with this, I would like to offer a slightly adjustment strategy. Take that circle, throw a couple more inside of it, link those, and it eventually becomes a crazy social media spiral. 


I suggest a spiral because each social media platform offers a different level of customer involvement that brings them closer to your product. Why would we put all of them on an even playing field then? Customers will see your industry passion in blogs, catch little facts and product offers from Twitter, see inside the company and culture through Facebook, and really dig down into what the company has to offer in LinkedIn. These all spiral, in whichever order, to your webpage and (we hope) eventually into purchasing your product. Don’t try to create circles, but strategic spirals that generate satisfied subscribers and purposeful leads.


What are your thoughts?