This internship isn’t the typical run and get us coffee internship- trust me, we already have a cup. If you’ve been known as a jack-of-all trades, this is for you. We need an extra set of hands around here and we probably need an extra guitarist for Rock Band. If you’re a team player and you’re great at what you do, this internship is right up your ally.


  • Passionate about being in the right work culture
  • Have a genuine interest in learning from, working with and helping co-workers and vendors
  • Well presented, tactful, and awake after a cup (or two) of coffee in the morning
  • You like working alongside an awesome team



  • Be a go-getter and assist with daily activities and deadlines
  • Assist with copywriting, blogging or social media posts
  • Help to optimize existing marketing programs for our clients
  • Serve as a right hand person for the support and execution teams



  • Write with one hand and type with the other at the same time
  • Proficient with using a computer including word processing, spreadsheets, and the ability to troubleshoot computer problems
  • Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills (no, really, we mean it.)
  • Ability to proofread a document, because we aren’t completely perfect
  • Gifted with the ability of keeping an organized desk
  • Have an eye for detail, and only accept work like you accept your steak, prepared to perfection
  • Able to handle multiple requests and manage your time effectively- Be a multi-tasking guru 



  • Previous experience in an office culture
  • Try not to suck


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